Before we discuss our pre-employment screening capabilities, let’s discuss the importance of screening MYB.

If a small company can vet your employees just as well as a big company, but with better customer service, which is the ideal option? Okay, that was an easy one. Unfortunately, that’s about the last easy question you will find in the entire pre-employment screening process for your employee candidates. Mind Your Business offers consistently reliable results, and a proven track record for vetting your most vital positions. Our case studies suggest clients from mid-size businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises to government-based public sector employers agree: Accurate results and customer service are what you should really be screening companies like Mind Your Business for.

See if these pre-screening results sound familiar:

  • Falsified resumes
  • Fabricated work histories
  • Poor credit history
  • And that’s just the beginning

We're living in an era of incredibly aggressive competition for jobs. Everyone wants one. Many are willing to do whatever it takes. And whether you’re fulfilling a need for government-backed public sector jobs or private sector needs, your business has also never faced stiffer competition.

How do you get ahead? By finding honest and qualified people.

And not just any people. Pre-screened candidates from Mind Your Business.